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St. Michael Parish School Memorial Walk Way - Paving The Way to the Future:
The walkway and gardens encircle the children playing statue in front of the school and proceed west to east to then encircle the flagpole.  Individual or corporate contributors have the opportunity to “purchase” a brick which can then be engraved as a lasting tribute to a friend or family member, as a memorial, or to celebrate a special occasion.  “Your” brick then becomes a part of this beautiful addition to St. Michael Parish School as well as an investment in the future of Catholic education in the Grand Ledge community.
Bricks purchased will benefit the St. Michael Parish School Endowment Fund. The Endowment Fund is a protected body of money, of which the interest (only) earned each year is used to offset some annual operational expenses. The larger the principle, the greater the impact interest earned has on the total expenses of operating the school.
There are three different sizes of bricks you may purchase. Current pricing for bricks are: $75 for the 4.75" X 7",  $150 for the 7" X 9.5" and $1000 for the 11.5" X 23.5".
If you would like to purchase a brick and contribute to the St. Michael Parish School endowment fund, please fill out the memorial brick order form make checks payable to St. Michael Parish. Your order form and payment may be mailed or dropped off to the parish or school offices or may be put in Sunday's collection.
Thank you for supporting St. Michael Parish and School!