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Christian Service (Pastoral Care) Ministry

Befriender Ministry

Position Description: Visit parishioners to provide a listening and caring presence.
Time Commitment: Training - 24 hours spread over approximately four days. Service - at least two years with an average of two to four visits per month. Meetings - five per year providing spiritual direction and continuing education
Talent to Share: Unconditional love and willingness to be a non-judgmental, compassionate and confidential listener
Contact Person: Juls Mueller Hayes

Bring Holy Eucharist to Homebound and Nursing Homes

Position Description: Available and free to service the schedule of the homebound.
Time Commitment: Daytime
Talent to Share: Love of the Eucharist and understanding of its importance to the homebound
Contact Person: Rose Sierawski 627-8493,

Co- Worker In Prayer

Position Description: A co-worker in prayer participates in the mission of Christ by making a personal commitment to pray for the needs of our parish.
Time Commitment: Each Co-Worker is given a prayer manual which they can use for prayer whenever they wish. Each month they will receive a letter from the parish with prayer requests.
Talent to Share: A trust in the power of God’s promise, “Ask and you shall receive.”
Contact Person: Ben Pohl 627-8493,

Letter and Card Writing to the Homebound

Position Description: Send greeting cards to homebound. Names supplied by parish coordinators.
Time Commitment: Send cards about four times a year.
Talent to Share: Caring and willingness to remember someone.
Contact Person: Rose Sierawski 627-8493,; Loretta Esch, 626-6967, assignments

Willing to Offer a Ride to Sunday Mass

Time Commitment: Probably minimal, as we will try to match up riders with drivers who live close by or on the way to church.
Talent to Share: Friendly, ability to operate a motor vehicle safely
Contact Person: Rose Sierawski 627-8493,

Funeral Dinner-Prepare a Dish

Position Description: Bring a salad or dessert to the church on the day of the funeral.
Time Commitment: Requests are infrequent. You may be called a few times a year.
Talent to Share: Baking and cooking
Contact Person: Rose Sierawski 627-8493,

Funeral Dinner-Server

Position Description: Assist the regular dinner prepare-rs in the kitchen.
Time Commitment: Four or five hours on the days that you assist - you will not be called often
Talent to Share: Enjoy working with others and following directions; ability to stand for a long period of time.
Contact Person: Rose Sierawski 627-8493,