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1st Grade    God Loves Us
Children are introduced to the faith as whole at a level appropriate to their age. They learn about God as Father, God become man in Jesus, and the help of the Holy Spirit. Catechesis at this age level requires experiential participation in the mysteries.

2nd Grade    Jesus Share's God's Life
As they prepare for the sacraments of Reconciliation and Communion, second grade students deepen their knowledge and love of the sacraments while entering more deeply into the tradition of the Church. The communal aspect of this year’s catechesis is vital, as they learn from each other and grow in faith with their peers.

3rd Grade    We are the Church
After being initiated in a deeper way into the life of Christ during the previous year, children are now introduced to a deeper explanation of the Church that Jesus founded, how the apostles led and continue to lead the Church, and how the Kingdom of God continues to live and grow to this day.

4th Grade    God's Law Guides Us
Having developed a relationship with Jesus and an understanding of how the Church is necessary for that relationship, our fourth graders learn the boundaries of this relationship. They study the reality of sin and how following the Ten Commandments leads to the salvation God has in store for us.

5th Grade    We Meet Jesus in the Sacraments
With a foundation in the Ten Commandments from fourth grade, fifth graders return to the sacraments to learn about all seven individually as they help us to live out the call to holiness. Through each of them God gives us true help and strength to live the Christian Life, it is power that is not available anywhere else.

6th Grade    We are God's People
Now with an understanding of who Jesus is, who he calls us to be, and how we live out that call, our sixth graders go deeper by studying the Old Testament. The story of Israel and God’s drawing his people back to him is vital for understanding how God seeks us individually. Moreover, it allows them to see that God is “A Father Who Keeps His Promises.”

7th Grade    Jesus is Revealed in Scripture
Seventh graders dive into the New Testament and discover how we can meet Jesus, the concrete witness of the Father encountered in the Old Testament, in Scripture. Most importantly, they begin to see the role of Jesus as the answer to every important question that life poses.

8th Grade    The Church Makes Saints
Following their studies of the Old and New Testaments, eighth graders are ready to learn about the history of the Church through the saints that she makes. Holy people are the key to understanding God’s continued action following the period of the Bible. Students will also discover how the Church’s primary goal is to make all men and women holy before the Lord our God and prepared for eternal life with Him.

9th Grade    God Become Man: Jesus Christ
Required in order to begin preparation for Confirmation during the 10th grade year, this class is being revised in order to focus more on the person of Jesus Christ alive in the Church. Our hope is to give each student the best explanation and witness of Jesus, the fulfillment of each person’s deepest longing, so that they might encounter Christ in a personal way.

10th Grade    Virtue & Vocation
Students discuss what morality is, why it is freedom to those who know the Lord Jesus, and what the Church teaches. Lessons are centered on the Theology of the Body for Teens, giving them a vision for sexuality and the gift of manhood and womanhood. The class finishes before Confirmation with a video based lesson and discussion on vocation entitled Everyone Has a Vocation to Love.

11th/12th Grade    Called to Holiness & Evangelization
Having received the sacrament of Confirmation and with their adult lives quickly approaching, eleventh and twelfth graders participate in a dynamic class focused on preparing them to pursue the life of holiness for the rest of their lives. They are also guided through various evangelistic endeavors which encourage them to share the Gospel with others. Great focus is given to living the faith not simply as individuals but as a community of believers.

 Theology of the Body for Teens
& Everyone Has a Vocation to Love